May 21, 2013

WEAR WHAT HOW?: Animal Prints

Winterlust: Untamed

Cartoon jacket, 69 AUD / Jaeger ivory coat, 340 AUD / Jeans, 66 AUD / NYX sandals, 150 AUD / H&M flat loafer, 10 AUD / Vintage Princess leopard print purse / Illesteva sunglasses, 495 AUD / NARS Cosmetics red lipstick, 32 AUD

There is a tendency in the winter months to become lazy with our appearance. Perusing our wardrobes for the perfect outfit is not an option, because every moment spent in our underwear is one too many of frozen torture. We opt for what is comfortable, and what is comfortable is usually pretty boring. #fact

You need not succumb to the winter habit of safe and uninteresting clothes. Just by incorporating splashes of colour and pairing mismatched prints, you can recreate your entire wardrobe.

Take a walk on the wild side in some of the crazy jungle prints* that I'm lusting over xxx

* When I say prints plural, I really mean print singular.. because leopard print is the fiercest print ever, and there is just no looking past such rock n' roll perfection. Maybe next time.

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  1. I am in love with this, you can't go wrong spicing up your wardrobe with leopard print ANYTHING :)