May 28, 2013

Decluttering Your Way to Self-Improvement

More often than not, our external environment is a reflection of our internal state. If we live in mess and clutter, this is an indication that our mind and spirit are misaligned and are in a state of chaos.
Stagnant energy is a result of clutter - negative energy which traps you in the past, preventing you from attaining your goals and progressing towards a satisfying future.

We often disassociate ourselves from the word 'clutter,' as we have become conditioned to affiliate clutter with hoarders and collectors. This is not the case, clutter is not just physical but also emotional excess which weighs down our mental state. Holding onto mementos from past friendships and relationships, old clothes which you no longer fit into, trinkets that gather dust on your window sills  - this sort of clutter prevents the movement of positive vibrations around you.

We may convince ourselves that hiding our clutter in boxes under the bed or at the back of our wardrobes is clearing space and effective, but why are we holding onto these objects 'just in case.' The energy still looms because we know the clutter is still there. See how often your reach into one of these boxes over a four week period - any objects that you fish out you can find a prominent home for - everything else should be eliminated. A clear living space = a clear, serene state of mind.

By all means it is important to 'decorate' and 'beautify' our surroundings, but material objects are not necessarily conducive to self-fulfillment and 'meaningful' objects that remind of us negative experiences are sure to repress the best version of ourselves. Our surroundings should inspire us to dream and to accomplish these dreams, but they should also serve us as a retreat to reflect on our self-improvement. 

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  1. My current external environment is a mess at the moment which happens when every Adrian leaves :( The house is in shambles and im a loony haha.
    Im taking the weekend to do exactly what you mentioned "decorate and beautify" my surroundings.