October 01, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Sydney -siding

Disclosure at Listen Out Festival, Sydney / September 2013
Well I've officially been home a week. 

First on my agenda was the decision to set myself a 30 day raw food challenge. I have wreaked my body with absolute havoc over the past 4 or so months. My skin isn't as clear as it could be and my body feels a little sluggish, so I've decided it's time to treat myself with some super self-love in the form of detoxification. I have spent a couple days tweaking a meal plan and taste-testing some recipes. I'll keep you all updated along the way and will be sharing a whole heap of recipes and shopping lists! I have heard a few raw-diet horror stories, so have put a lot of thought and planning into my meals to ensure that I am meeting all my nutrition needs. (Not to mention it's always easier to stick to something that has been well thought out.) This detox is not about weightloss, but about increasing my vitality and enhancing the condition of my skin and body through diet. My start date is still to be confirmed (kind of, possibly, totally because the Sydney Night Noodle Markets start on the 9th of October) but it's sure to be within the next fortnight. Read more about my food philosopy here.

Next I dove headfirst into a weekendlong bender. I spent the week at a four day short course so decided the best way to proceed would be to destroy every brain cell I utilised. I spent my Saturday getting loose at Listen Out festival where I caught TNGHT, Just Blaze, AlunaGeorge & Disclosure just to name a few. In the early hours of the AM we rocked up at Frankie's Pizza and drank vodka apples until they shut shop. My Sunday ensued in a similar fashion, with drinks, hitting up The Enmore to watch Foals, heading out to The Soda Factory for the after-party and then (surprise surprise) back at Frankie's for the after-after-party. Monday really hurt. I moved from the bed to the lounge to the floor and back to bed, and the universe didn't stop spinning until 7pm.

Finally, I am in the finishing stages of curating the accessories for the new CULT LOGIC XX collection. The nature of travel makes it far too difficult to co-ordinate all the tidbits involved from overseas, so it feels like it's been a very long time coming. I'm so excited to share it all with you, it feels like my little baby! So much love has gone into the collection and I have some incredible designers on board. The website shall undergo a much needed makeover and there's some rebranding plans in the making, but these things take time and may or may not coincide with the new product launch. You can find updates on the process on facebook and instagram.

I have a whole lot of projects to keep me occupied over the next couple of months, and promise I will wrap up my time in Bali with a post (once I figure out where my photos have been backed-up to). I'll have a recipe coming to you soon, and remember that you can see what I'm up to on the gram, @binkachu - hit me up! 

Until next time lovers xxxx

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