September 15, 2013

My Balinese Adventure Begins: The Bukit Peninsula

Paragliders sail over Pandawa Beach, The Bukit Peninsula / September 2013

Ten days ago I arrived in Bukit, a peninsula located on the southern end of Bali – it is an area still very much rich in culture and traditions, and remains yet to sell out in the way Kuta has. By chance (or as I prefer, by reason of the universe) I have had more of an authentic Balinese experience than many would even dare imagine. (I’m not just talking cold showers.)

I happened across accommodation (an eco-villa on a permaculture farm) in an untouched village where many inhabitants didn’t speak a word of English. I spent a lot of my time walking through the quiet villages reflecting on where I'm at and where I'm headed, I got a lot of reading and writing done and through meditation, I have managed to silent my thoughts for a good few minutes at a time! (Baby steps.) Testament to how little exposure some of these villages have to tourists, is the fact that every single day, I had groups of Indonesian people at the beach asking to take a photo with me. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Balinese style Hindu ceremony at Balangang beach. I quite literally felt as though I had been plucked from real life and placed into a scene from Eat Pray Love. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I took in all the bright colours, hypnotic music and endless offerings – it was so surreal and different to any kind of religious ceremony I have ever taken part in, but the energy was incredible and I too received cleansing and blessing.

Padang Padang Breeze – If I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life, hands down I would choose the marinated mussels (which the menu should correctly amend to clams) from this restaurant. No moment in my entire life could compare to the sheer pleasure that my tastebuds experienced upon tasting this creation. The fish in Bali is always incredibly fresh along the coast, but this warung (or restaurant in English) takes it to another level.  I highly recommend ordering (and sharing only if you feel generous) one of the BBQ platters, which serve a variety of fish and crustaceans, accompanied with standard sides such as rice and incredibly delicious battered potatoes. The mojitos here go down a treat seeing as they are made with rum and NOT arak, and the staff were just delightful.

Beach Hop – Some of the most pristine beaches I have ever seen can be found off the Bukit peninsula, and several are famous for their surf. Warungs along the beach will let you hire a beach chair and umbrella (don’t pay more than 25,000 rp), where you can sit and sip on a coconut (15,000 rp). Try to pay with the correct money because I have witnessed and experienced them running away with your cash and not bringing any change. Most weekends the locals will host a beach party, complete with reggae band, eclectic dj mix and bright lights – it feels a lot like a blue light disco. The beach parties are a heap of fun, you can buy beers (and mushrooms) – the locals or surfers can point you in the direction of which beach to visit on any given night.

I'll be spending the next ten days in Seminyak - my body is yearning for a little luxury and indulgence after what has been an intense few months! I will get some of the incredible photos from my time in Bukit up in the next few days, but for now: massages, sun tanning and cocktails await. xx


  1. Sounds amazing!! Have an amazing time!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  2. Bali is definitely on my bucketlist, hope you're enjoying it :)
    I've nominated you for a liebster award, come it check it out on my blog :)

    xx Alicia

  3. Wow beautiful photos! Have a fab time :) xx