November 17, 2013

Playlist: Tunes for Week 47/52

I was lucky enough to catch Franz Ferdinand at The Metro Theatre in Sydney this past Friday. (Can I just say - what. a. band.) That and my literal non-stop aural consumption of the new Arctic Monkeys record has got me feeling a bit indie rock n roll, so no surprises where inspiration for my BANGERZ of the week has come from! Let me know what you're listening to right about now xx

1. Do You Want To / Franz Ferdinand
2. Flathead / The Fratellis
3. R U Mine? / Arctic Monkeys
4. I Always Knew / The Vaccines
5.  I Appear Missing / Queens Of The Stone Age
6. Demons / The National
7. We Exist / Arcade Fire
8. Bones / The Killers
9. Unbelievers / Vampire Weekend
10. Australia / The Shins

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  1. Hey there! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) More info here:

    ps. I've loved your blog for a while now! Aussie pride :)