May 03, 2013


My insides have always burned with a desire to write, but I have serious commitment issues. Being tied down to any one thing very quickly makes it a chore, not to mention I am very excitable (so any kind of seemingly -maybe -possible prospect on the horizon leaves me wanting to stop everything I am already working on and starting fresh. Again). Routine bores me and impulses drive me.

Which has led me here.

I have decided that a place to share all that inspires and defines me (as well as track how my different ideas and dreams change and grow over time) will keep me focused on those goals I'm working towards, and just maybe keep me on the straight and narrow for a while. ( I wouldn't hold my breath ....)

This blog as has been years in the motivational stakes. Part of my apprehension to commit to regular blogging (honest blogging with depth, not just reposting naked girls on tumblr) stems from the fact that I'm a crazy overachiever. Failure is my biggest fear - after birds. BUT I've figured that if millions of people willingly watch Lena Dunham act out ridiculous sexual fantasies that would never (ever) eventuate in real life, then people are bored enough to willingly read my musings.

  Namaste bitches xx

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