September 03, 2013

Leaving London - What to Eat, Drink & Do

Beautiful houses on a glorious Sunday in Notting Hill, London / August 2013
Today marks my last whole day in London, and Europe. I had originally intended to spend a few weeks in Italy before flying home, but the value of the Australian dollar continues to drop and I'm in need of a bit of a Sabbatical. Tomorrow I start my journey to Indonesia, where I'll spend two weeks on the Bukit Peninsula realigning my mind, body and spirit. My body is yearning for some detoxification after months of partying and my mind is hazy and in dire need of revitalising. 

I'm ready for some serious soul searching (cue 'sah wanky' comments from my friends), and you will see a lot of that spill over onto my blog in the coming weeks and forever on after that. My sole purpose for creating this blog was to help me explore the different avenues which interest me (not just travel), to help me create intention and direction for myself. I know after these next two weeks I will be well on my way to working out the path that I should be paving for myself, and I can't wait to share that journey with you all.

I am so grateful for all the natural and constructed marvels I was so privileged to see on this trip, and not to mention the incredible people I travelled with and met along the way. It amazes me how diverse the cultures are from country to country in Europe, even when they are often only a couple of hours apart. It is such an incredible continent, and I can't wait until I'm back again. I'll have to come up with an overall 'best of' post when I return to Sydney, but for now some of my favourite places in London xx

The Breakfast Club - There are a few different locations for this cafe, my preferred spot being East London. The cafe is open from breakfast until dinner, and serves a variety of smoothies and cocktails, big breakfasts and burgers (gourmet of course). There is a great vibe in the cafe - it is set out like a diner and filled with an eclectic mix of retro 50s furnishings and 'junk from the owners childhood bedrooms.' The Breakfast Club is home to the most amazing tasting vegetarian burger I've ever tasted (I've probably said that before, but I mean it now) and has some delicious share-plates for starters. (Haloumi and marinated olives, yum!)

The Ten Bells - You will never go thirsty in London, I doubt there is a single street corner that doesn't house a pub. The bars in London are all quite expensive, not to mention most will hit you with a 12.5% service charge so I opted for drinking at pubs. The Ten Bells was our local, just a few steps off Brick Lane. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, there was always a huge crowd of people with a beer drinking on the footpath (cheers Summer sunshine). It did get a bit tight for space inside with all the tables taken, but the drinks were reasonably priced and the bar staff were all darlings.

Harry Potter Studio Tour - The truth comes out: I'm a huge geek. The Warner Bros studio where much of the Harry Potter movies were filmed is in Watford, a short train ride from London. The studio houses many of the original sets which were used in the films, all of which are still completely dressed. There are thousands of original props and costumes, you can walk through Diagon Alley, there are interviews with stars and set designers, you can drink Butterbeer and see moving chess pieces - and the actual model of Hogwarts Castle. I am obviously a huge fan so was completely swept away with the experience, but it was truly magical and I urge you to visit. Tours sell out weeks in advance so book ahead!


  1. I always wanted to to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but so far I visited London just a few times and I never had time to do that :( Also, after reading this post I really wanna go and get a smoothie from The Breakfast Club, even tho I've never heard of it before lol

    Btw, really love the colours in that pic!

    1. The colours of the houses are gorgeous, aren't they!? You really should try and visit the Harry Potter tour next time you are in London, it was honestly the highlight of my visit - if you are a fan you will LOVE it xx

  2. this looks beautiful! I cannot wait to hit London
    have fun in Indonesia :)

    xx Alicia

  3. would love to go to Harry Potter Studio too ^^ have fun in asia <3

  4. I have read through most of your blog and am really impressed with the passion behind your posts. You make me want to become a world traveler and to experience things I haven't yet. I love your photos and your rhetoric and I will definitely keep updated with your blog. safe travels!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I eagerly await your posts as a world traveler xx

  5. Hi Bianca Mixing prints Louise!!! :D Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you like it!
    I just come back a days ago from London, I spent almost two weeks based on Windsor but visiting the city often... All you tell us is amazing!! I'll recommend this current post to a friend of mine who is travelling next October.

    I'm following you on Bloglovin and I'll be soo happy if you follow back!
    Keep in touch!!
    Lady Trends POST UP!!

    1. You're so lucky that you live close enough to visit often! Am following, will keep in touch xx

  6. I love Notting Hill, such a lovely area... I would like to nominate you for a Liebster Award, would you like to take part.

  7. LOvin your blog! Now following u on bloglovin. are the pictures on the right from your instagram?? i wanna followwwww!! mine is @be_avantegarde .
    Thandi xo :)

  8. Thank you! Yes, my instagram is @binkachu xx

  9. I went to the Warner Bros place. I love the books, not so much the films, but I had an amazing time. I'd like to nominate you for The Liebster Award so if you want more info, please visit
    Keep travelling. You can't beat a good adventure.
    Helen x