August 11, 2013

Vienna and Novalja: 10 Days in 10 Minutes


The days have all started to merge into one and I can't remember what I ate for dinner yesterday, let alone what I was doing ten days ago. I'm currently in Berlin and getting ready to head out, but I've given myself ten minutes to semi-update your fine selves on Vienna and Novalja.

The gorgeous Volksgarten, Vienna / July 2013
Vienna - I wasn't sure what to expect of Vienna, as opinions of the city completely differed depending on who I spoke to. I loved that every street I crossed presented me with another magnificent architectural structure and that I never had to walk more than a couple hundred metres to find a spritzer. A highlight of my visit was walking across the city (literally, we walked 25km that day) towards what seemed to be some kind of giant chair-ride.... And stumbling across a theme park! Best day ever.
Eat at Mochi, the finest Japanese cuisine to delight my taste buds since leaving Sydney. (I take my Japanese food very seriously.) The wait staff were so attentive and friendly, and particularly enjoyed that I came back for a second visit. The food was literally bursting with flavour. And don't get me started on their wine list. Amazing. My heart hurts a little bit knowing that I have left this gem behind, but my wallet is relieved.
Drink anywhere along the Danube. Little bars are set up on the 'sand' banks, complete with beach chairs to enhance the summer vibe. Drinks are cheap and a few bars serve unlimited (I repeat, unlimited) shisha for only 12 euros. 

Novalja harbour at 6am, Novalja / July 2013
Novalja - After a whirlwind weeklong visit last year, Croatia holds such a special place in my heart. The Dalmatian coast is truly captivating and nothing has brought me as much joy as frolicking in the Adriatic Sea for quite some time. (Except maybe my awesome tan.) My daily 8pm ritual (before our partying madness) was to walk along the beach at sunset - it was so serene watching the sun slowly set with the sound of the tide crashing against the rocks. 
Visit the infamous Plaza Zrće, a spectacular beach inspired by the clubs of Ibiza and Mykonos. 4pm the after beach parties kick off at Aquarius, then kick on to Papaya or Noa where there is an awesome roster of DJs over Summer. Drinks are pricier than Novalja (so obviously that is where you should start your pre-drinking) but nothing like the prices you'd expect to pay at Space or Pacha.
Eat at Green Garden Restaurant. Order the strawberry and cheese salad to start, and a seafood dish for your main. Thank me later.

My ten minutes are well and truly up. I have an awesome few nights ahead here in Berlin, see you on the flip side ;) xx

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  1. I have a post about vienna on my blog too! it was absolutely beautiful, so different to anywhere else that i've been. I agree with you on the spritzers, it was so hot when i visited that it was literally a blessing having so many of them!
    saida xx