June 12, 2013

Leaving On A Jet Plane

8:30pm sunset in Mykonos, July 2012 #nofilter

I blinked and somehow my Europe 2013 trip has snuck up on me.

In just 7 sleeps I will be boarding my (budget) flight to Singapore to commence my three (?) month journey. I'm very unprepared for this trip - both mentally and physically. I booked most flights and accommodation for the trip up until mid-August, but at this point I don't even have a potential date to return home. My money is still all in Australian dollars and I haven't bought my travel insurance. I started packing, but after 6 outfits I threw in the towel. I haven't been working out so my body is definitely not beach ready. And mentally? Well. Emotionally, I am on the road to nowhere. I have spent the past few months in an emotional rut, unsure of what I want, who I want and whether the goals I am working towards are still relevant to my interests, so to just up and leave right now feels a bit like running away.

I will be spending a number of weeks away by myself, and I intend to spend this time really rigorously soul searching. I think to reboot my personal growth it's important to get back in touch with my spirituality and work on mindfulness and meditation. A secluded beach in Tellaro, Italy is obviously the only place I will be able to successfully achieve this ;) I intend to spend a couple of weeks before the journey home in a quiet town off the Mediterranean coast where I can journal, fully realise my strengths and fears, reassess the current path my life is on and devise a 5 year plan for myself.

I am so grateful to the universe for providing me the means to spend so much time travelling over these past two years. I feel like the least I can do now is utilise the opportunity to improve myself to the best possible version of myself. I can't wait to share my journey with you all (although probably don't expect to hear from me more than once a week.)

Sending ALL of the love and happiness to you all xxxxxx

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